Our Trust


Hindusthan Educational and Charitable Trust was founded in the year 1992 by the eminent Industrialist and Philanthropist Shri T.S.R. Khannaiyann. Hindusthan Educational Institutions pursues a philosophy of perpetual acquisition of knowledge. Apart from academic curriculum, equally important is our policy to provide value based education and to bring out the potential in students to equip them approach life with optimism.

The Vision of the Trust is 'a philosophy of perpetual acquisition of knowledge' and provision of a 'value based education'. Its Mission is to groom 'Characters' through education, who will one day build the nation.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids, Coimbatore is a part of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL), a company committed to pioneering the paradigm shift in education. Led by Lina Ashar, the visionary educationist, KKEL instills a lifelong love for learning in its students. It rejects the idea that a uniform learning experience is good enough for all children. Instead, at KKEL the focus is on customizing learning, keeping in mind that each child is unique and learns differently.

Kangaroo Kids Education limited aims to create a purpose for learning and allow children to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers; to orchestrate experiences that will result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking. We lead by example, creating dynamic, caring, learning communities that value "the whole child".

The Core of the Kangaroo Kids Experience:

  • Learner centered learning rather than a teacher centered approach.
  • Embracing multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles.
  • A curriculum team that embraces the belief that curriculum must be "alive" and constantly evolving.
  • A curriculum development team that works together to ensure that the modules are developed in a hands on way to accomplish the total learning goals in different subject areas.
  • Ongoing professional development that ensures high standards of professional practice.
  • A goal towards developing life skills.
  • Limited number of students in a class to ensure individual support and guidance.
  • Educational field trips and visits by guest speakers.
  • Enhanced co-curriculum with an extensive extracurricular program.