At Kangaroo Kids

Our day at KK is never a boring one and the teachers and children are constantly having fun engaged in Imaginative free play, reading, music, crafts, science, dramatics, felt board stories. Science and Math concepts are taught through shapes, counting, graphing one to one interaction, sequencing, comparatives, and basic science concepts.

Training in Life Skills is also an important factor at KK and Children learn to be responsible, have self- control and become self-reliant. A sense of empathy and concern for community is imbibed in them at a young age, through age-appropriate activities.

At times our learning even extends beyond the classroom and children are taken on field trips to reinforce learning. We even invite community service helpers to give youngsters an idea of those who serve society.

Family Involvement is important in the learning process and having a partnership between parents and teachers is a must and at KK parents are informed on a regular basis on their child´s progress. Parents and grandparents are invited to interact and have fun with their little one so that bonds grow stronger.

Our Vision

Little Steps towards grander impressions, - where focus is on imparting education in a joyful, effective and meaningful manner, so children withstand the tests of time, thereby becoming builders of a nation.



Teachers bring the schooling experience to life and at the start, teaching faculty and staff members are inducted into the Kangaroo Kids culture and ethos. The school boasts of well qualified, competent and experienced teachers with years of teaching experience. Faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Staff undergo at least one training session a year in teaching methodologies, Kangaroo Kids Curriculum, use of technology in class and related subjects.