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Nursing contributes to health services in a vital and significant way in the healthcare delivery system. It aims at identifying the health needs of the people, planning, and providing quality care in collaboration with other healthcare professionals and community groups. The scope of nursing practice encompasses the provision of promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative aspects of care to people across their lifespan in a wide variety of healthcare settings. 

The practice of nursing is based on the application of basic concepts and principles derived from the physical, biological, behavioral science, medicine, and nursing.The undergraduate nursing program is broad-based education within an academic framework, specifically directed to the development of critical thinking skills, competencies, and standards required for the practice of professional nursing and midwifery.

Nursing is based on values of caring and aims to help individuals to attain independence in self-care. It necessitates the development of compassion and understanding of human behavior among its practitioner to provide care with respect, dignity, and protect the rights of individual groups.Undergraduate nursing education program prepares its graduates to become exemplary citizens adhering to the code of ethics and professional conduct at all times in fulfilling personal, social, and professional obligations.

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