HiCET which is TOP 5 among Tamil Nadu and 49 across the Nation.

June 14, 2021

AICTE has Approved IDEA Lab worth of 1 crore to HiCET which is TOP5 among Tamil Nadu and 49 across the Nation.

The purpose of IDEA Lab is to provide all facilities under one roof, for conversion of an idea into a prototype. With these facilities in the campus, more students and faculty will be encouraged to take up creative work and, in the process, get training on creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration etc. which conventional labs are not able to.

The focus will be on training students so that they become imaginative and creative and stay so at the workplaces they join. The whole idea is to transform engineering education with such a Lab in all colleges and for this they must proactively expose all students to the IDEA Lab, organize training sessions for interested students as well as support projects and by providing online learning materials.

Teachers must also get trained in these Labs to know their scope and opportunities teaching learning processes as well as research and development projects. They should encourage the students to take up and themselves get involved in activities, projects, internships which involve utilization of such Labs. They must strive for creating problems/ projects/ internships in their own subjects/ disciplines and mentor the students.

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